Moo0 YouTube Downloader 1.07 (Gratis)
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Over 180+ Video Sites (+16 Adult-Only Sites)

Moo0 YouTube Downloader lets you easily save your favorite online videos into files.

Do you have any favorite online video clips? and have you ever wanted to save them into the files? Then, this tool may be one of the easiest solutions out there.

* You must follow their site regulations and copyright laws before using this tool.

 - Supported Sites? (180+) (+16 Adult-Only Sites)
 - You can directly drag & drop links from web browsers. - (It's the quickest way for the multiple downloads.); some versions of IE require to be run as administrator to offer this capability.
 - It automatically downloads the videos in the highest quality & format available.
 - You can easily play the videos by double-clicking the list box items.
 - If the downloads fail by some errors, please retry them again some minutes later.
 - Automatic format conversion? We generally don't recommend it. It loses some video qualities most of the cases. If you still require it, you can use "Moo0 Video Converter" for the moment.

Update (11/14):     [ Update geschiedenis (8)
 - Supported 27 more video sites. (+7 more adult-only sites.)
 - Updated the core download engine. If you experienced any download errors in the previous versions, please try this again.
 - Supported shortened URL formats such as "***".
 - The detection of the embedded videos, on any web pages, became a lot smarter.
 - Also, it can now download multiple embedded videos at once from one page. (e.g., try copying this kind of URL:
 - Changed back the default setting of "Keep on Top" check box to be "on".
 - Many minor bug fixes.

Update (09/29):
 - Supported 90 more new sites.
 - Updated the core download engine. If you experienced any download errors in the previous versions, please try this again.
 - Improved the behavior of "Auto-Start from Clipboad" feature.
 - Fixed some bugs when downloading multiple videos from one URL.
 - Added Thai language support in partial.

Update (08/28):
 - Updated the core download engine. If you experienced any download errors in the previous versions, please try this again.
 - Added Russian language support.

Ondersteuning voor Russisch is mogelijk gemaakt door Arcady Otdelnov (Мой компьютер). Onze welgemeende dank!!

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Taal: Chinees (Vereenvoudigd), Engels, Greek, Italiaans, Japans, Koreaans, Russisch, 28 other languages (partial) - [ Vertalers (4) ]
OS:Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8
Gebruiksgemak:Zeer eenvoudig
Laatste update:2013/11/14   [ Update geschiedenis (8)
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Grootte:8.61 MB
Licentie:Gratis  (Alleen voor niet-commercieel gebruik)  
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 New! Moo0 YouTube Downloader (Gratis) - Over 180+ Video Sites (+16 Adult-Only Sites)

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